Risk Management

Risk Management

S-RM’s Risk Management team enables organisations to understand and mitigate their security and operational risks. Our risk management solutions are agile, innovative and tailored to our clients' specific needs. Our aim, through risk reporting, mitigation planning, and embedded and virtual security management, is to reduce uncertainty and deliver a commercial advantage.

Our in-house specialists have a deep understanding of operational risk, cyber security and the offshore operating environment. We routinely support a wide range of industries, including mining, oil & gas, shipping, insurance, FMCG, renewables and media.

In conjunction with our Business Intelligence platform and Cyber Security team, we assess risks and identify the most pragmatic mitigation measures to reduce them to an acceptable level.

Services & Products

Clients require standard products to meet day-to-day needs as well as bespoke services for one-off situations. We offer competitive entry level reports and services which can be scaled according to your requirements. Our flexible approach means that the scope, timing and cost of our services are always proportionate and transparent.



Political & Country Risk

Uncertain operating environments are a constant commercial concern.

So What?

Every day we advise our clients on hundreds of geopolitical challenges, supporting the global operations of large multinationals, to local office coverage. Our reports are focused and relevant – always answering ‘so what’ do events mean for your organisation.

Look forward

We do not report the news, or write historical essays. We provide our clients with forward-looking analysis of political, commercial and security dynamics. This ensures our clients are prepared and able to proactively manage risks and explore opportunities.

Read less. Know More.

Our regional experts analyse complex issues and present them clearly and concisely. Therefore our clients spend less time reading, and more time assessing the impact of our findings. We provide our reporting in a variety of formats to suit you.

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Global Security Insight

The most accessible way to stay informed on political and security risks.

Over 200 companies, across financial services, manufacturing, extractives and professional services, including Fortune 500 companies, use S-RM’s Global Security Insight to inform commercial decision-making, and meet travel security obligations. 

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We aim to develop your resilience to security threats, enabling your staff to concentrate on their core activities, free from disruption.

Our services are aimed equally at long-established operations and new opportunities, in both developed and emerging markets.

Our services reduce the risk to your employees, physical assets and commercial operations, ensuring that you meet your duty of care responsibilities and achieve new sources of value. We focus on employees, assets and operational support through embedded and virtual security managers and executive protection.

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Duty of care Services

Duty of Care refers to an employer’s moral and legal obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, contractors and family members. This obligation applies to all work related activity, whether staff are posted on international assignments or operating in their home country.

Practically, employers have a responsibility to understand the risk their employees face and to introduce measures that reduce risk as low as reasonably possible.

At S-RM we are experienced at helping companies meet and exceed their Duty of Care objectives in a cost effective manner. Our Duty of Care services include entry level products, such as our Global Security Insight website and Online Travel Security Course (due June 2017), as well as a range of consultancy and security services that can be tailored to suit every need. Our entry level products start at $5,000 per annum.


Crisis Management

S-RM has a 24/7, dedicated, 18 person strong Crisis Management Team strategically positioned around the world to respond to crises. The team specialises in responding to kidnap, threat extortion, cyber extortion, hostage taking, malicious product tampering, active assailant events, illegal detention and marine piracy.

We also work with clients to deliver flexible crisis management plans, procedures and bespoke training to ensure operational resilience and safeguard people, assets and reputation.

Our team comprises former special forces, law enforcement and intelligence personnel (US, UK, French, German, Chinese, Australian) who are supported by our Cyber, Security and Business Intelligence teams.