Russia & CIS Regional Bulletin – July 2017




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In this latest edition of S-RM’s regional bulletin series, we review recent business, security and political developments from across the Russia & CIS region, and take a detailed look at the most recent episode in global cyberwarfare. The NotPetya attack has been widely attributed to Russian hacking groups with suspected links to the Russian state. Originally thought to be a ransomware incident, it now appears that the attack’s primary objective was mass disruption rather than financial gain. While the intended target of the NotPetya attack seems to have been various Ukrainian businesses and state institutions, the fallout from the attack has impacted a number of international businesses, and the scale of collateral damage has been significant.

S-RM is advising clients across a number of industries on how best to defend themselves in this new landscape of evolving cyber threats. We have assisted a number of corporations who have been directly impacted by the NotPetya attack, and are working closely with them throughout their recovery process.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our regional bulletins. For further information about S-RM, our cyber security services or our experience working in the Russia & CIS region, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Casey O’Brien