Ransomware: The Cyber Criminal’s Cash Cow – What can you do?


Ransomware: The Cyber Criminal’s Cash Cow – What can you do?

The unprecedented global ransomware attack first seen on Friday has continued to develop over the weekend. As the world returns to work on Monday, much of it is braced for the disruption to both grow and last for many days. So what can you do?

The apparent ease and speed with which the attack has spread brings into sharp focus the need for both pre-emptive cyber diligence and detailed crisis planning to respond quickly should an attack hit you or your company. S-RM has long maintained that cyber security is about people, process and technology and this latest ransomware attack does nothing to change our view.In the attached you will find S-RM’s recommendations as to how you can reduce your own or your company’s vulnerability to attacks like those seen over recent days.

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